Pioneer Service Inc. hosted a group of Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA) students this week. On their winter break, these 23 students chose to take an exploratory class to learn more about manufacturing and “how things are made”.

It was very gratifying to see this group of talented young women and men interact with staff from our quality and manufacturing departments. What we noticed:

  • The students were listening intently, asking great questions, and probing for more information on how the equipment worked.
  • They followed up their initial questions by asking why things were set-up the way they were and how different teams worked together on the projects that were running on our floor.
  • There were group discussions and comparisons to things they had seen in other plants.
  • They were observant, curious, and interested to see how precision machined components were made and used in a wide variety of products they saw in the world around them.

We hope that more high schools will offer opportunities for students to explore options in manufacturing. As one of the largest industry segments in the US, there are a multitude of employment options for the next generation. Whether they want to go onto college, or not, manufacturing companies like Pioneer Service will always be looking for bright, talented, curious and hardworking individuals that want to join our company as future employees.