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At Pioneer Service, we provide exceptional quality precision machined parts to a wide variety of industries. Some industries like medical and aerospace bring a unique mix of regulatory requirements, materials, standards, and performance demands, in addition to seasonal production and delivery schedules.  But every customer, no matter their industry, will get our combination of high quality parts, dependable service and highly collaborative communication.

Whether high-temperature alloys used in aerospace or Delrin parts for medical devices, we have the know-how to machine any material in the industries we serve. Every Pioneer Service customer benefits from cutting-edge CNC Swiss machining technology, our team of skilled engineers, and nearly 30 years of experience.


As an AS9100 certified ( see our certifications here ) precision machine shop, we produce a wide range of components and assemblies for an industry with tight tolerances and critical deadlines. We build parts guaranteed to withstand the vibration, stresses, mechanical loads, and punishing environments common to the aerospace industry.

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Electric Vehicles

We serve as a Tier 2 and 3 supplier to OEMs such as Tesla, Jaguar, and General Motors (GM), supplying precision parts for Corvettes, Cadillacs, and other high-performance vehicles. Whether hybrid, electric, or traditional, our CNC Swiss machines and deep automotive experience can give your company the competitive advantage of reliable quality for an affordable cost.

Medical and Dental

We’ve earned the confidence of our medical and dental customers with a proven track record of making parts that preserve health and touch lives. Medical device OEMs turn to us for components for surgical instruments, valves, ventilator components, and many other parts critical for patient care.

An AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 registered quality management system ( see our certifications here ) means we consistently and conveniently deliver parts that help medical professionals treat illness and save lives. An expert staff dedicated to customer service means we work even harder to keep that trust once we’ve earned it.

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“Dependable organization and people that you can trust.”

Giovanni – Oil & Gas Company

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We specialize in the CNC Swiss machining that is a natural fit for the high volumes and small size of valves, fittings, and other precision components for the hydraulics industry. We provide cost-efficient parts that perform for any material, fluid, or operating environment.

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Oil & Gas

Companies in the energy industry rely on Pioneer service to supply the precision machined parts required for oil fields, pipelines, and offshore rigs. As energy-extraction techniques continue to advance, so does our commitment to investing in the technologies required to propel the oil and gas industry into 2020 and beyond.

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Test and Measurement

Pioneer Service provides high-quality precision machined components to ensure accurate readings for test and measurement equipment for automotive, aerospace, semiconductors, medical and IoT industries. Our precision machining process offers durable parts for smooth operation and reliable construction of equipment.

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Pioneer Service can provide you big-business results with a small-business approach, we are a swiss machine shop that you can trust.

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And More…

Whatever the industry, your needs guide our efforts. We invest in premier technology and the best talent as a means to fulfill our promise of exceptional quality and timely delivery. The continued success of our customers is our greatest achievement. Here are other industries we have the privilege of serving:

  • Agricultural Equipment & Products
  • Appliance Products
  • Automotive Aftermarket Products
  • Construction Equipment Products & Equipment
  • Defense/Military Equipment & Products
  • Electronics Testing Equipment
  • Fluid Control, Pump & Monitoring Equipment & Products
  • Food Processing Equipment & Products
  • HVAC Equipment & Products
  • Industrial Refrigeration Equipment & Products
  • Laboratory Equipment & Products
  • Material Handling Equipment & Products
  • Motion Control Equipment & Products
  • Office Furnishing Products
  • Packaging Equipment & Products
  • Power Tool Products and Equipment
  • Printing Equipment & Products
  • Robotic Equipment & Products
  • Specialty Fasteners & Fittings
  • Sporting Goods Equipment
  • Test & Measurement Equipment & Products

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