Aneesa Muthana, President and Owner of Pioneer Service, discusses how becoming a certified WBE (Women’s Busines Enterprise) has made a difference.

Pioneer Service has been a women-owned business for many years, but it wasn’t until 2013 that Aneesa finally decided to pursue certification with the  WBENC , the most nationally recognized certifying organization. For owners of minority-owned and women-owned businesses that are not certified, this may provide some realistic insight on what these certifications can do for an otherwise successful manufacturing company.

From  Production Machining Magazine  1/24/207 Column:  Benefits of Becoming a Certified Women-Owned Business

“I had resisted the idea for years because I didn’t like the perceived stigma that I was looking for special treatment. We compete in the marketplace on our own merits, so I wasn’t sure if certification was right for us.” Aneesa Muthana

In conclusion, becoming certified with  WBENC  can be a good investment for qualifying companies. It has been valuable for Pioneer Service. Feel free to reach out to Aneesa and her team at  Pioneer Service  or contact the  WBENC  directly for more information on how this might benefit your company.