Design Engineers’ Priorities for Prototype Machined Parts Suppliers

In the world of Design Engineers, it can be tough to find a partner who speaks your language, understands the urgency and will offer relevant suggestions. As a manufacturer, we’ve learned that engineers who are sourcing turned/machined parts in prototype quantities need companies that offer  fast delivery and excellent communication . Pioneer Service understands this and is uniquely positioned to meet your needs for quick delivery of prototype machined parts along with technical expertise to make your parts a reality.

One design engineer, when asked about his challenges with sourcing machined parts told us:

“We expect to have a partnership with our suppliers. I’ve stopped working with suppliers because they didn’t keep me updated with changes each step of the way. I’m most impressed when a supplier calls me to offer suggestions on a part.”

Frequent and effective communication is at the top of the priority list to ensure our customers’ parts are delivered to print as quickly as possible. Recently, a manufacturer of audio equipment came to us a with a set of parts that were for an assembly. They did not know exactly what tolerance requirements they would need and had us work on an experimental basis to optimize manufacture-ability to desired tolerances.

After they received the parts, we received this comment:

“The parts are looking good. We have not had to do any fixes on them pre-assembly. One assembly batch is almost through the finish line for a final test and so far so good! … Finally, I would like to thank your team for the tremendous effort put in to these parts. There is a great deal of excitement on these new parts and we feel that we might have resolved a huge pain point for our production.”

CNC Machined Parts With Pioneer Service, Design Engineers can expect:

  • To quickly receive an acknowledgement that the print and request for quote have been received.
  • To receive suggestions for ways to optimize design for manufacturing, to reduce cost without losing functionality.
  • To receive a quote with the shortest possible lead-time for delivery.
  • To pay similar prices for similar parts at similar quantities.
  • Notification of when your parts are shipping.
  • Satisfaction in every interaction.

Pioneer Service is able to deliver quickly because we keep you informed every step of the way and we have dedicated equipment for prototype work. You’ll find that we work hard to meet your expectations for prototype work of turned parts and precision machined components. We’re ready to provide you with the delivery, quality, pricing and most important, the communication needed to delivery parts quickly.  Contact us, and let’s begin a productive partnership helping you with prototype turned parts!

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