ESL Training is Making a Difference for Employees


Pioneer Service is committed to improving the lives and work environment for all its employees. As part of that effort, we offer special “English as a second language” (ESL) classes, taught by the University of Illinois Business Innovation Services, to improve English speaking and writing abilities.  Currently fourteen employees are enrolled in the twenty week course. The two hour classes not only provide systematic instruction in English, but a place to build relationships and practice language skills over a company-provided lunch.

According to Luis Hernandez, a dedicated employee and class participant, “This class is a great opportunity for us. At home we’re busy trying to figure out how to do things like fix the car, fix the roof and help our kids. We know we should be learning more English, but it’s hard to get to a class or have a chance to practice. I’m glad Pioneer is giving us this chance.”

The training content includes workplace and industry vocabulary, work instructions, charts/graphs/tables, job descriptions, workplace forms and other workplace documents.  Stronger English skills are a win-win for both employees and the company.  Improving employee skills is a hallmark of our quality improvement strategy, and ESL training is an important part of creating and keeping a skilled, engaged and productive workforce.

ESL Photo 2